The Difference is Like Night and Day

Beautify Your Home and Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Lighting from Asheville Lightscaping

We Believe Outdoor Lighting is an Art.

So, We Paint with Light.

Although most homes disappear into the darkness each evening, Asheville Lightscapes works a special magic that makes your home come to life with beauty, a refined design sensibility, and safety. Our custom landscape lighting systems are designed to fit your home and lifestyle, first and foremost.

Beautiful outdoor lighting is about creating feelings and emotions, outdoor experiences. While the quality of the fixtures and LED components are vital to the overall success of your landscape lighting, the design sets the stage for stunning results.

And we appreciate and understand your home is much more than just a residence to you, so the outdoor lighting system should really be a visual masterpiece with built-in functionality. You have your own specific style, taste, wants, and needs. We’re here to ensure that your landscape lighting system reflects those needs — and your lifestyle.

Let’s get together and design the perfect outdoor lighting for you and your home.


Lighting Design & Installation

Although most homes disappear into the darkness each evening, at Asheville Lightscapes we’ll make your home…

Maintenance & Upgrades

Call us today and we’ll send out an expert to analyze and test the system and advise you on some sensible…

Resort & Hospitality

Wow your Guests with a great first impression and experience using Outdoor Lighting as we all would…


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