Outdoor Lighting in Winter

Besides winterizing your lawn, garden and patio, have you considered adding outdoor lighting to the dark areas around your home, or even some landscape lighting to brighten your yard? Not only can outdoor LED lights help to improve your home’s curb appeal, especially against things like the beauty of fallen snow, but it also improves the safety and security of your outdoor spaces too. Here are a few fixtures to keep your yard illuminated all winter long and into spring and summer. 

Path and Walkway LED lighting to prevent slips and falls

While your driveways and walkways may need some routine attention during the winter, like snow removal and de-icing, installing quality LED lighting by professionals you can will safely navigate your property this winter. Whether you have a dimly lit pathway, driveway, or garden, especially with those cheap and low-quality solar lights from Walmart, it’s best to invest in solid brass LED outdoor lighting soon possible. Guests coming, postal and delivery people have the potential to trip, slip, or fall under dark conditions. While most of our customers invest in LED path or driveway lights for safety, they also can add ambience and beautiful light that can be enjoyed from your window once it gets dark. 

Outdoor lighting will deter unwanted visitors too

It’s a fact, that most burglars scouting your neighborhood will choose dark homes over well light homes for obvious reason. Very hard to sneak up on a well light home. So, give your home an added measure to prevent your home from theft, or deter the potential for vandalism. 

We can design an outdoor lighting system that will not only brighten up your outdoor living space, add security but you’ll also able to enjoy the illumination as a beautifier of your home.   

Deck and Step Lighting to allow for safer passage

Even though we spend less time outside in the winter, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about updating step and deck lighting to make it more inviting and safer. Be sure to install quality LED light fixtures to highlight the surrounding parameters of your deck and while you’re at it, add additional light to your stairways to brighten up each step and enhance the safety of this outdoor living area. 

Call us today and we’ll come out and give you a Free Consultation on what we can do to make you home safer, and more beautiful.