Light Up Your Water Features with LED Outdoor Lighting

The benefits of a water features including backyard fountains and waterfalls flow well beyond visual aesthetics. A professionally designed and installed water fountain can boost your home’s market value, not to mention add to your enjoyment of your outdoor living space, but not all outdoor fountains are created equal. And when you light it up you add some incredible ambience. 

Custom Backyard Water Features

When it comes to true value and upping the wow and tranquility factor, a custom designed, professionally installed fountain all lit up, is hard to beat. Although you can buy decent fountains at big box stores, working with an established water feature or hardscape company to build a permanent fountain will produce a nicer product and provides a long-term investment for your home. I mean, who doesn’t love the look and sound of a fountain? 

Attracts Wildlife

A fountain or water feature can attract several different species of wildlife to your backyard too, including birds and butterflies. Making your fountain a popular spot for these creatures will help keep mosquitos and other pesky insects at bay.

Reflect Your Style

When you’re outside, where do your eyes naturally land? Having a beautiful focal point in your outdoor living space helps provide ambience and a pleasing aesthetic. And by using professionally installed outdoor lighting to showcase your water feature can create a signature auestictic in your yard. You can choose a water feature or fountain to reflect your artistic side, your appreciation for different styles of architecture, or your appreciation for classic hardscape design in your outdoor living space.  

Good for Your Mental Health

The sounds of a fountain can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure. Spending time outdoors can have similar effects. Putting the two together can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind, especially when you don’t even have to leave the comfort of home. A backyard fountain can be the pièce de résistance of your own backyard spa.

Essential Feng Shui 

If you know about feng shui, the Chinese practice of arranging pieces in a living space to create balance in the natural world, then you probably know that water is very important. In fact, feng shui translates to ‘wind and water.’ If you truly want to create a balanced outdoor environment, having a prominent water feature is essential. 

Better Quality of Life at Home

The old cliché is true; there’s no place like home. Why not make your home as comforting and rejuvenating as you can? A backyard water feature lit up by our designer can help you enjoy your outdoor space and promote more family time outside. It can also provide a lovely spot for your outdoor social gatherings and dinner parties offering some major Wow Factor. 
Give your home and you, the added tranquility and beauty it deserves with a backyard water feature highlighted by Asheville Lightscaping.