Below you’ll find some common questions and information we are asked about often… we thought we’d try and help you with our FAQ’s upfront to give you some insight:

Typically, how long does an outdoor lighting design consultation last?

Our typical outdoor lighting consultation and property review usually last between 30 – 45 minutes depending on the size of the property, and what you’re looking for. We appreciate your time is valuable so we’ll make sure we get all the necessary information from you, walk the property and take our measurements to help us with our proposal and design.

What is the process and timing from design completion of our new outdoor lighting system?

Since we do a lot of work on the design phase to make our installations – depending on number of fixtures, and where they are located takes anywhere from 6-hours to 3-days, but our average install is 8 -12 hours. After you approve the design, lights are ordered and the installation will generally be done within two-weeks from our initial meeting with you.

What are the top reasons today to invest and install a low voltage LED outdoor lighting system at your property?

  • Superb Energy Efficiency – Environmentally friendly LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 30 times longer than a typical halogen bulb.
  • Property Enhancement – A well designed and installed outdoor lighting system will dramatically enhance the beauty & ambience of your home as well as expand the outdoor living spaces of your property. At night we’ll make your home and backyard shine!
  • Safety – A landscape lighting system will help reduce accidents and the hazards of poorly lit pathways and spaces on your property.
  • Security – Installing an outdoor lighting system is a proven way to help increase security at your home by deterring criminal activity with additional lighting. No bad guys want to be seen coming up to a home.
  • Smart Home Investment – Installing an outdoor and landscape lighting system today is a proven way to add home improvement value and increase the curb appeal of your property – particularly here in our beautiful environment here in Western North Carolina.

How does landscape lighting effect my electricity bill?

Much less than you think, really very little on most of our projects. In general, you should not see any noticeable increase in your electric bill since we use and specialize in low voltage LED outdoor lighting which allows you to enjoy a very green and energy efficient way to light your home and outdoor landscapes.

Do you warranty your product?

Yes…and then some. We only work with the finest lighting manufactures in the U.S. Asheville Lightscaping’s installation and design work carries a 3-year warranty and our lighting products are warrantied anywhere from 10-years to 20-years and many for a lifetime!

What does retrofitting my system mean?

Retrofitting your outdoor lighting system consists of replacing existing halogen or incandescent lamps with LEDs. This wise investment is done in an effort to save energy and a lot money over the years. LED lamps are considerably more energy efficient and will provide a much longer lifespan than halogen or incandescent, which means you won’t be replacing lamps every year…and, LED gives off better light.

What kind of maintenance do you do?

We will inspect and maintain any outdoor lighting system we install for 2-years to make sure your system is working properly and tune up if need be…free of charge. We can typically work out any bugs or issues within the first few weeks, although we don’t have much of this work to do ☺. We also offer annual maintenance programs to make enjoyment and use of your

Do you do outdoor and landscape installs and services for commercial businesses and the hospitality industry in WNC?

Yes! We love and appreciate working with small businesses to major corporations, resorts, hotels and the hospitality industry in general, in WNC and beyond. For hotels and resorts, we’ll make your guest excited about their choice of staying with you from the moment they arrive outdoor lighting seamless.

Which areas of WNC do you provide your outdoor lighting services?

We service most of Western North Carolina including Asheville, Hendersonville, Tryon and Lake Lure to Weaverville, Waynesville, Black Mountain as well as Brevard and Cashiers and Highlands.

What is your favorite part of designing outdoor lighting systems?

That’s the EASIEST question we answer – It’s the Look on Our Customers Faces When They Turn on the New Lights!