7 Reasons to Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Landscape

Outdoor entertaining is on the rise in 2021, and nothing sets the mood for backyard festivities like outdoor lighting. But lighting up the night isn’t just a beautiful addition to your outdoor oasis, it’s also useful. Whether you’re lighting a garden path, adding spotlights to your favorite landscaping features or hanging romantic string lights for dining al-fresco, here are 7 reasons why you should consider installing a 12-volt outdoor lighting system this year:

Reason #1: All You Need is an Electrical Outlet, & Great Design

One of the benefits of a 12-volt outdoor lighting system is its simplicity. Proper design of your system is not easy, but with a professional, it can be a simple process. You won’t need an expensive electrician to install complicated wiring – all you need is an outlet for the transformer, and you’re ready to illuminate any of our custom designs.

Reason #2: Outdoor Lighting Beautifies, Adds Ambience and Safety. 

There are few things you can do to the outside of your home or in your landscaping that will have such a dramatic effect, and a positive one too. It’s a fact, homes with a well-designed outdoor lighting system with quality fixtures will add value to your home, while giving you a more useful outdoor living area…and make it safer to move around after dark. 

Reason #3: It’s Kid and Pet-Friendly

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is crucial when you have pets of children playing in your yard. It’s completely safe even when wet, so you can focus on shocking your guests with beautifully lit up landscaping – not electricity.

Reason #4: Save Money
The lumen output from a 12-volt light is identical to that of a 120-volt light, but the cost to keep them glowing is not. By utilizing LED lighting, you’ll spend 60-80% less than you would with halogen bulbs. You’ll replace them less often, too – some bulbs are guaranteed for 30 years+!

Reason #5: Size Really Doesn’t Matter

The 12-volt outdoor lighting system is perfect for illuminating both big and small spaces. At Asheville Lightscapes, we install systems using as few as 8-10 lights for small yards or landscaping and over 100 for large properties with entertaining in mind. Larger wiring give us the ability to reach up to 200-feet into the yard, making this system perfect for projects as small as subtly marking a pathway to illuminating large trees, statues, water features or the entire front of your home. 

Reason #6: Style Made Simple

At Asheville Lightscapes, we’ve done all the work and research to ensure that the outdoor lighting manufacturers we offer are the best in the business. Their products not only beautify your yard and home but are backed by 20-year and sometimes lifetime warranties. Form is just as important as function when it comes to lighting, and we utilize many different lighting fixtures, styles and configurations to make sure you lighting design is beautiful, practical and safe. 

Reason #7: We Design with the Future in Mind

As your landscape grows, your desire for more lighting will likely grow with it. That’s why we design each system for seamless and inexpensive expansion. Our outdoor lighting system installations and workmanship are guaranteed for 3-years, giving you the peace of mind that should there be maintenance work to be done, we’ve got you covered.