4-Designs to Light Your Outdoor Paths & Driveways

You’ll find a lot of good reasons to light the path and walkways around a WNC home and property. We typically do it for safety reasons after dark, to boost curb appeal, to highlight where the entrances are located and to enhance your landscaping and gardens. There is a sense of relief when knowing that both your family, and your guests know exactly where they are going. The worry of someone tripping and falling is greatly reduced and there is a comfort knowing you and your family can see where they a going. 

There are many techniques and designs that can be used to illuminate a path or walkway. Choosing which method is best for your home is our job as landscape lighting designers…but here are a few ideas and some of our favorite ways to use outdoor lighting on walkways and entrance areas.

Path Lights

The most common and well-known technique for illuminating a walk is the traditional landscape path light fixture. These fixtures typically come with a post with a top hat which comes in a few different styles and colors. Inside the top hat, there is a bulb that casts light downward onto the path. The design of the top hat is to block the glare from the light downward, making it possible to experience the light effect without seeing the source of light.

Our Landscape Lighting path light is designed to project a softer effect, creating more brilliant light. And, they come with a lifestyle warranty. 


A fun and creative way to bring light to a path or walk is to use a bollard. Bollards come in many designs and patterns or can be customized to match the look and feel of your home. These fixtures are made of steel and come in a wide range of heights and widths.

The artistic designs are made by using intricate, laser-cut patterns making them look like sculptures during the day light and cast amazing shadows on the ground at night. This not only brings the desired light and safety to the path, it also adds a beautiful, fun design and look to your walkways.

Core Drilled Path Lights

In some situations, a traditional path light is not ideal for the space needing illumination. In this case, we are able to install smaller lights right into the hardscape. A core drilled landscape path light is a fixture installed directly into the concrete of a path…allowing for a lower profile and in most cases, an outdoor lighting fixture that can even withstand being drove over by a car. But, the project a smaller coverage area than a regular path light because it’s flush with the grade. 

Since it is drilled into the concrete or brick itself, the light can be more seamless with the path and nearly unnoticeable during the daylight hours in areas such as driveways or steps. 


One of our favorite designs at Asheville Lightscaping to light a path or walkway is downlighting which creates this softer and beautiful moonlit feel to a path. A fixture is mounted high up in a nearby tree or architecture and aimed downward onto the path. When the light is shining down from above, it creates a soft wash of light over the path to illuminate and guide those trekking the path after dark

The fixtures can be mounted high up in a tree, on architecture, or structure of the home to cast light on the space underneath. It creates an effect that embodies the feeling of ‘moonlight’. Since it comes from above, the subtle light that is casts makes it feel extremely natural and beautiful. This lighting technique is great for lighting walkways, dining areas, outdoor living spaces, driveways and other gardens and landscaping. 

At Asheville Lightscaping, the art and design of outdoor lighting is our passion. Designing and installing landscape and outdoor lighting systems is simply all we do. Our team of designers and craftsmen love to give our customers the best outdoor lighting experience possible. Please contact us today for a Free Consultation.