The Difference is Like Night and Day

Beautify Your Home and Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Lighting from Asheville Lightscaping

Do you want to bring out the true beauty of your home, landscapes and outdoor living space…and an additional layer of security? We’ve got you covered. You have a beautiful home here in Western North Carolina so we believe nothing should stand in the way of you fully enjoying your outdoor living space at any time, in comfort, style…and safely.

Landscape Lighting in the Asheville area adds the right amount of ambiance to your home and provides an extra layer of safety and security at night too. At Asheville Lightscaping we don’t just light your home, we artfully design and transform your outdoor living spaces using the finest LED lighting products. We’ll make your outdoor living areas more functional, safer and absolutely more beautiful.

Serving Buncombe, Hendersonville, Madison Transylvania and Jackson Counties


Lighting Design & Installation

Although most homes disappear into the darkness each evening, at Asheville Lightscapes we’ll make your home…

Maintenance & Upgrades

Call us today and we’ll send out an expert to analyze and test the system and advise
you on some sensible options to get your home and yard back in a good light…

Resort & Hospitality

Wow your Guests with a great first impression and experience using Outdoor
Lighting as we all would probably agree first impressions are…more